Visita Iglesia

April 18, 2014 / 35 NOTES ♥

"I love you, Sir Marco!" (iykwim hehehehehehehehehe)

Visita Iglesia is a known tradition to many Catholics around Holy Week. Seven different churches are visited, while either doing a prayer vigil or the station of the cross. This year, we took an entirely different route from where we always we do. From Sto. Domingo Chuch to St. Pancratius Chapel at Paco Park, Manila.

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Thirteen Reasons Why

April 14, 2014 / 39 NOTES ♥


Can I just say that I have never felt this way about a book, not since I read The Fault in Our Stars two years ago? This book is that good. 

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The truth?

April 11, 2014 / 33 NOTES ♥

Truth is, I have trust issues. Not in the oh-im-just-saying-this-cos-i-want-your-sympathy kind of way. More like, my-dad-left-us-for-another-woman-and-my-exes-cheated-on-me-one-time-or-another kind of way. I have heard ever sweet, romantic, cheesy line a guy could possibly tell a girl, and I’m sorry, but they all seem like crap to me now. 

I’m scared, not of falling in love. I’m scared of what comes next. I’m scared of how I could let you under my skin. I’m scared of telling you things I’ve never told anyone  before. I’m scared of believing in what you tell me, when you really feel otherwise. I’m scared of being fooled time and time again, and I’m scared that once you get tired of me, because eventually, you will, I’m scared that you might end up hurting me more than anyone ever has.

I’m scared, no, terrified, of how much I feel for you. 

I hope you understand.

Of Being a Communication Arts Major

April 08, 2014 / 45 NOTES ♥

1. There are times when it’s really not you, it’s your prof. And you have to stop beating yourself up when you get a grade you know you didn’t deserve.

2. You’ll lose the trust you have for several news and media programs as you learn about the works behind it.

3. Stress is better than tres.

4. Committing a grammatical or spelling mistake is a federal crime.

5. There is no substitute for hard work. Sure we have essay generators and Google, but nothing will ever compare to the feeling of getting a 1.00 on papers you honestly know you made and did not plagiarize.

6. There are distinct differences between “you’re” & “your”, “their”, “there” & “they’re” and “its” & “it’s”. Learn it.

7. Theology won’t teach you religion. The subjects you are in danger of failing will.

8. Spare change is a necessity. Mauubos barya mo sa dami ng ipapa-photocopy mo.

9. Speaking of which, never say “pa-xerox” lang ako. “Pa-photocopy.” You always say “pa-photocopy”.

10.  Masyadong mapapel ang course na’to. Literally. 

March 2014 Favorites

April 02, 2014 / 33 NOTES ♥

I can’t believe how fast March flew by! Honestly, I’ve been so busy with school and everything I didn’t get to try out much but these are some of the things I’ve abused throughout the month. I’m glad that school’s finally out (although I still have my ADEPT training going on) and all I’ve been during my spare time is marathon some sitcoms I’ve always wanted to watch. :)

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Project Pie

April 01, 2014 / 36 NOTES ♥




I’ve been dying to try Project Pie for months since the craze started! Since it was only a few blocks away from The Bellevue Manila, Chin, her boyfriend & I (yes, third wheel ako huhu) headed there to finally try it out!

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Monica @ 18

April 01, 2014 / 31 NOTES ♥





Last Saturday night, my friends and I stayed at Bellevue Manila for Monica’s 18th. We had the room to ourselves and we pretty much made much use out of it. I won’t delve into much of what happened, but I’ll say this, I don’t drink. I’m not a big drinker but last night…. anyway. Haha. It was a pretty wild night. Read More for the photos! :)

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Photo Dump: My Last Week as a College Sophomore

March 23, 2014 / 36 NOTES ♥

WARNING: This is a really looooong post and I did not use a “Read More” link. Scroll at your own risk.


This was our last day of regular classes since we had no classes the next day and finals begin on Wednesday. We knew it would be a hectic week, since not only do we have to study for the four deadly subjects (Philosophy, Philippine History, Biology & Rial), we also had to prepare for our Panel Discussion & The Perfect Pitch. We made it a point to visit the Shrine of St.Jude Thaddeus at Mendiola, to ask for guidance and strength to endure the next couple of days.


We had no classes, and my friends and I studied the entire day. I’m not kidding. I was up by 7am, studied ‘til 10:30am for Rizal, had lunch, studied for Philo from 1-5:30pm, had dinner, then studied for Philippine History from 7:00-10:30pm.


Game day! Well, not really… but we had our finals for Rizal and Biology this day, (both of which I thought I did well *fingers crossed*) and studied for Philosophy & PHist when I got home. You should know that we are  all in danger of failing Philosophy… it’s not us, it’s our prof… my grade is literally hanging on a thread & I can’t afford any mishaps.


Ahhhhh, last day of our written finals!! I was so so so glad to finally get Philo & PHist done with. Turns out, I had nothing to fret over about Philo. The exam was legit, 100 items, all True or False. Not to be cocky, but I did feel like even if I didn’t study, I would’ve passed. I should’ve just focused on PHist.

After our exams, my friends and I hung out at Cafe U.K., along P.Noval, and talked about out Panel Discussion. We didn’t get much done on that since we spent more time discussing Role Call, our pitch for Th Perfect Pitch on Saturday. We went home around 6pm, and I went to meet my mom at SMF. I was up until 4am working on our Pitch. I was literally so cranky, with all the stress and not being able to have enough hours of sleep for weeks.


Panel Discussion day! The Panel would be at 12pm, but I went straight to Monica’s condo since we still  had to shoot a teaser for our pitch, and I am telling you now, editing is no easy task. If you want to see the teaser, click this! :)  Anyway, I was running on 2 cups of coffee that day since I only got 2 hours of sleep. We spent about 15 mins practicing for our Panel Discussion, and we finally gave up and told  ourselves, “Screw this, we are doing this on the spot.” No script and all. Little did we know we’d get the second highest grade in class! I couldn’t believe it, we couldn’t believe it, but it happened. It was a really proud moment for all of us. 

After all that, Rein and I went over to Chin’s house to sleepover, since we still had a LOT to finish for The Perfect Pitch. I won’t delve into the mechanics, but basically, The Perfect Pitch was an inter-block competition for the best TV and Radio show concepts & presentations. We divided our class into 6, and we got Role Call, a TV Talkshow.


Today’s the day!! Call time at school was 9am, since the EB need to see our presentations & run through each one. We had our final scripts (finished only that morning) printed out & CHin and I started practicing for our presentation. What’s going to happen was that two representatives per group would be presenting the concepts. For the first round, we had to present a “2-minuter” hook in front of the judges, since not all shows will be fully presented. 2 groups would be eliminated right away, but Chin and I made it to the second round!! When we got out of the room to wait for the next round, the support of our friends and our other block mates were overwhelming, since not all groups from our block made it. 

We were almost dying out of nervousness as we waited for our turn to present. It was 2pm then, and we got to present around 4pm. After our presentation, one of the judges congratulated us right away, and I’m proud to say that we were able to answer all questions thrown at us with confidence, except for one. We only got confused at the question, and then there was this misunderstanding, but we were  able to straighten it out. By then, it didn’t matter to me if we placed 2nd, the support and congratulations by our friends and block mates were already enough to make us feel like winners.

The relief of having everything done with and behind me was surreal. Looking back, I couldn’t believe how I was able to accomplish everything all at once, but to be honest I feel grateful and… like… like I’m a better person, in a handling-things-and-multitasking way. I couldn’t believe how fast my sophomore year went by. 

After the competition, we went home, and I bade goodbye to the people I’m going to miss for the next 3 months of summer vacation. I went straight to SMF, met my mom, had dinner at Greenwich, and watched Divergent!! A movie adaptation I’ve anticipated for the last few years, and I am telling you, it was worth the wait.

I slept that night with a huge smile on my face & slept for a full 12 hours.

I am now officially on vacation mode, and I can’t wait for the summer fun to begin!


March 15, 2014 / 32 NOTES ♥

Someone tagged me into this!! You know who you are :-) I don’t usually delve into these kind of things but I have nothing better to do and “bam” lang ako sa bahay (lol inside joke right there). So… :-)

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Here’s to you.

March 13, 2014 / 29 NOTES ♥



Here’s to all the nights we spent on WeChat laughing amongst ourselves because the days are just not enough. Here’s to all the times we cradled each other when one was not okay. Here’s to failing philo quizzes together, and for getting our first 2.75’s on Marketing. Here’s to all those shoots we did, and the 1.00 we got. Here’s to all the car rides and all the noises we made all the way ‘til we got there. Here’s to the endless #groufies we take. Here’s to having endless stories, code names and whispered conversations. Here’s to all the stalking and teasing we did on our boyfriend’s ex girlfriends. Here’s to always having each other’s back, and making it through together when we’ve just had enough. Here’s to all the laughter, the smiles, the tears, and even sweat. Here’s to helping each other on our way to fulfilling each of our dreams. Here’s to almost three years of friendship, and here’s to more.  

Bucket List: A Visit to the Barasoian Church ✔

March 09, 2014 / 31 NOTES ♥

To visit this place has been something I’ve always wanted to do. I would’ve done it sooner, if not for the enormous pile of work I had to finish over the past couple of months. I still have a lot to finish though with two weeks of school left (ugh can time please speed up!!) but I’ve been putting this trip off from my mom for so long.

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March 06, 2014 / 35 NOTES ♥

It was all so sudden— you walking into my life. I didn’t know how it happened; it just did.

The first night was about movies; you told me how you anticipated every episode of HIMYM and I told you how I grew up watching FRIENDS. A little while later, I found myself talking to you about books, the way other girls talked about boys. I’ve never met anyone who read John Grisham, not until you.

The second night was about my past. It didn’t make much sense to me, that I always thought I’d been in love before, and realizing I actually never was. But you understood. And it didn’t make me feel so irrational. “We’re both weird.”

The third night was about my dad, and how much I loathed him. I’ve never told anyone the entire story before; partly because I was ashamed, and partly because it was too painful. But talking to you was so easy; so light, and the next thing I knew I was sharing things I never dared tell anyone. “No judging.”, as you’d put it.

The fourth night was about my dreams. Me lusting after the world of media, and wanting to become a writer. You told me how much you loved my writing and I felt deeply flattered. All people appreciate about my writing are all the serious stuff; essays, articles and reports. But you, you looked into something deeper. Something more. Something emotional. A side of me in between words; a side no one has ever seen before.

Last night was about music, and the future, and how I wanted to be in love. To be honest,  I didn’t feel special. I feel like any other person who has dreams and hopes; but you make me feel like I’m more. Like, I want to be more. Like I could completely be myself, at the same time, being this whole other person I could only hope to become.

"I’ve been this way
With so many before
But this feels like the first time.”

We’re both weird.

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